Schitts Creek Backpack This Wine is Awful Get Me Another Glass Backpack

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  • Design your everyday with Schitts Creek backpack you will love to snuggle up with. Match your style with patterns and designs from our professional design team. Original design. Create a personalized gift with a photo of Schitts Creek.
  • Material: This backpack is made of water resistant and durable Oxford cloth with metal zippers.
  • Product Size: 16.5" * 12.5" * 5.5"
  • Applicable People: Recommended for Age 6+
  • Applicable Scene: School, travel, climbing, shopping, zoo, park, outdoor sports, etc.
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    This Is Schitts Creek Merchandise Shop

    If a rich man suddenly becomes poor, how would he react? What will he do? Schitt's Creek takes you through such an experience.

    Schitt's Creek is a Canadian comedy series created by Daniel Levy and his father Eugene Levy. The show has a total of 80 episodes. The series follows the trials and tribulations of the once wealthy Ross family. Johnny and Moira, along with their adult children, David and Alexis, lost their former wealth in an instant after their business manager appropriated the family business Rose Video. The family lost their possessions and moved to Schitt's Creek, a town that Johnny used to joke about buying. Now living in a dilapidated motel, the family must adjust to a new life without wealth.


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    Schitts Creek Hoodie: Schitts Creek Hoodies are loose and casual, and it is not only thin but also thin when worn! The style is also full of vitality for age reduction, and the thin fabric is not very thick. Perfect with wide-leg pants, slacks, and jeans! Go and choose your Schitts Creek Hoodies.


    Schitts Creek Blanket: Our Schitts Creek Blanket can be used in many ways and in different seasons. In spring and autumn, it can be a thin quilt due to its light, soft and warm features. It fits snugly but is quite breathable, making it a rare bedding item.

    Summer is the ideal summer quilt. Although it feels fluffy to the touch, even a thicker blanket is quite breathable and comfortable to cover.


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    As a Schitts Creek fan, how can you not have a Schitts Creek T-shirt?

    Schitts Creek T-shirt has many sizes you can choose from. the lightness of the fabric also makes the wearer feel more free and easy and elegant.

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